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The Abstract Fall

This is from Brookside Gardens when I took out my Sony RX10 for a test spin to see how it would perform. The final image reminds me of an abstract painting.

I took this picture strictly because of the light coming through the leaves. It backlit the leaves perfectly. I believe I used the camera’s built-in 3-stop neutral density filter to give me a bit more dynamic range. While never a real substitute for a real filter it does work and it’s easier than carrying a real one and taking it on and off.

Editing wise nothing special. Normally I do all my curves adjustments in Lab Mode in Photoshop but this time I did my initial curve in RGB Mode. This allows me to punch color much more effectively. I then went into Lab Mode for additional contrast adjustments. I did the usual dodge and burn then called it a day.


The Abstract Fall


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I like the photo of the Abstract Fall at Brookside Gardens. The photo to me looks as if you captured the moment the wind took the leaves from the tall trees and trickled them to the ground. It appears as if it was in 3-d. The tall slender trees, the shorter trees with many leaves still attached and what you think is a dense area with lots of trees but you can see the light coming through them. It is a very interesting photo. I have my copy. I enjoyed!

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