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Warm Fall Reflections

This is another from my recent visit to Brookside Gardens. It was part of my attempt to shoot the leaves turning but being an utter failure at it because I’m always too late in the season to shoot them because of my work travel.

Brookside Gardens has a lot of little lakes and ponds. In fact, there is a rather large lake that will eventually appear when I get around to it. With the light being what it was it seemed a good time to do some reflection photos which I like because you can have a lot of fun editing them provided you are patient and willing to work on them.

Editing wise I kept it very simple. The camera was a smaller Sony 1″ sensor and I just don’t like pushing the pixels to the bleeding edge. So I kept it very basic. I did mask in a Color Efex layer to boost some of the contrast in the colors. I then changed the opacity to a different setting to get the sun beams across the water to stand out a bit more. Just a bit of dodging and burning here and there and done!


Warm Fall Reflections


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Warm Fall Reflections is a very fun photo! I do like the reflections the sun plays on the earth. This photo tells us, Fall is just about done before the trees sleep for the winter. Most times, I keep a copy of the photo to play on my photo display and this was no exception. I enlarged the photo for detail and the photo has has a couple walking upside down. At least it appears that way because of the reflection in the water. I think this is a great photo to end the work week with a smile. I enjoyed!

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