Ripples In Time

Ripples In Time

This series was shot at Meadowlark Gardens. I deliberately went this day because the wind was gusting and with the lakes and ponds at the park I knew I could get some interesting water shots.

While I was shooting this I was fighting with the very bright light and using a circular polarizer to try and cut down on some of the light. While I’m familiar with them I am not used to using one all the time. I have primarily used neutral density filters. I wanted to avoid the neutral density filters because I wanted to keep the shutter speed up to freeze the ripples in the water. I think I achieved it but still had some very bright photos.

Editing this was tedious because of the size of the files. Nikon D810 files are huge even with lossless compression turned on. So when you stack a series up in Photoshop you computer just starts to get slower and slower. I prefer to queue them up and edit as I go. Moving from Lightroom to Photoshop. That way I don’t miss any photos.

My other problem was just how bright the files were. I wanted the images to remain simple and not mask in a bunch of layers. This is where Color Efex saved me. I created a recipe that allowed me to lower the light while retaining hue and saturation. Once I had that magical formula it was just a matter of me applying it to each image along with the usual adjustments and I was good to go.

Bit esoteric than my usual but I enjoyed shooting and editing it.


Ripples on WaterRipples on WaterRipples on WaterRipples on WaterRipples on WaterRipples on WaterRipples on Water

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  1. I enjoyed Ripples on the Water. The wind does play with the water along with the sun that places many shadows on it like a mirror image. It looked like a nice day to be out and about. Meadowlark Park and the other parks you travel to are such treasures. I wish I have found them before I left the area but I do get to enjoy them through your photos. Thanks for sharing.

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