Sit Back And Relax

Sit Back And Relax

I have continued to explore the archives after finding so many shots I never edited. This is another one and my jaw honestly hit my desk. It’s a gorgeous image and there was no way I wasn’t going to publish it.

I took this photo when I was in Delray Beach, Florida a few years ago. I was using my Olympus EM1 and the very new Olympus 12-40 2.8 lens.

I know exactly why I didn’t publish this before. There were two people in the image walking across the beach.¬†When I took the picture I didn’t use Photoshop much at all. Lightroom’s healing brush is crap to be nice. So I could not effectively remove them from the image. Now I just go into Photoshop and either use the healing brush or the clone stamp and be done. It took a few seconds for this image and I cleaned up some crap off the beach as well.

I didn’t go too wild editing the image. The image stood up all on its own. Just some gradients in certain places and lots of localized contrast adjustments with dodging and burning. Hit saved and was done.


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