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Walk On A Fall Day

It is without fail I end up missing when the leaves are changing colors in fall. I am usually on travel and when I return the last thing I want to do is grab a camera and go shoot. Still, I wanted to get out and capture what I could with what leaves are left.

When I took this picture I was wrapping up for the day. Heading towards my car and just shooting as I went. I was at Brookside Gardens and there were lots of people out to enjoy the park in the later afternoon. I guess they were waiting for the garden light stuff that was set up for the winter draw.

I saw this couple walking and I had my camera hanging off the strap. I grabbed it and took the shot. I always like to capture more and I was lucky I got this one. A child on a bike entered the next frame. So I got lucky with the image and managed to capture it.

Nothing fancy editing here. Just basic curves adjustments along with dodging and burning. I did increase the saturation a bit but otherwise it’s right out of the camera.


Walk On A Fall Day

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What a great photo! This couple is truly enjoying Brookside Gardens in the crisp Fall Air. The tree with all of the leaves really revel how close winter is. I get to enjoy fall through the photographer’s eyes. SW Florida is going back to summer this week. I got my copy. I enjoyed.

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