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Restaurant On The Bay

I had to go find a photo I took a few years ago so I was digging through my archives. I found some photos I never published. I have no reason for not editing them other than I guess I didn’t have the skills back then.

My editing from when I started to where I am now is two different worlds. I never used Photoshop, I didn’t have a Wacom tablet, I had no idea what layer masks were, and a whole host of other things. So when I saw these images I just had to edit them and I’m happy I did.

This is obviously the same restaurant on San Diego Bay. I do know where I shot them from and based on the angle I just moved a bit to the right. They¬†felt better in a 16×9 crop to give them a more expansive feeling. To me they feel like different images. While they are the same subject there are different items in them.

I didn’t go wild on the editing because these are micro four-thirds files. One of the reasons I gave up on the format was that the more I pushed the images the more the images degraded. While I have 1″ sensor Sony’s my main work cameras are full frame sensors. While I use the same workflow I don’t dare mask as much in as I do when I have a full frame image to work with.



Restaurant On The BayRestaurant On The Bay

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I like the Restaurant on the Bay. Whats not to like about San Diego. Florida has many restaurants near the water but I have not found one in the water. From my memory, I remember the water being so crystal clear, very blue and you could see right through it. It has been many years since I was there on business but it was beautiful. I enjoyed and I have my copy.

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