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Forest Path

This was taken at Meadowlark Gardens on a path that leads around a small pond. Not sure if it started as an official path but it is now because there are seats there now. It’s a bit muddy after a rain but it’s a quick way to get to other parts of the park.

I setup up the shot because I really liked the light coming in from the side. It gave the leaves a bit of a glow and the way the shadows come off the trees. You also get the impression you are walking in shade and then head out into the brighter sunlight at the end of the tree covered path.

There was some experimenting with this image. It was not done in HDR even though it slightly looks like it. The light was slightly blown out and you could really tell at the end of the path. I put in some layer masks from Intensify CK which I liked but it was still very bright. I brought it into ColorEfex and did my usual hue/saturation adjustments but I wasn’t happy with the blown highlights. Saw a filter called darken contrast and selected it. Started to play with sliders and I got the image exactly where I wanted it in regards to light. Did a quick round of sharpening after bringing the image back into Photoshop and called it done.


Forest Path


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I like your walk through the wooded area to arrive at the pond. It looks like a very nice afternoon at Meadowlark Gardens. Your walk reflects the leaves leaving the trees as Autumn is here and Winter not far behind. The shadows cast from the sun through the trees are always fun. It is as if Mother Nature is just enjoying a bright sunny day and invites us to come along for the journey. I enjoyed!

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