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The Distant Lighthouse

It seems that with me moving my photo library to it’s new drive I found more images to edit. In fact, I shockingly did a series for later this week. Plus it’s now cold and I miss Thailand where all these images are from.

I shot this from the Bali Hai pier using my Canon S100. I have shot the lighthouse before but much closer not from this angle. I was just standing there and I thought it looked cool with the empty boat slips leading towards the lighthouse in the distance.

When I went to edit this the image was mostly blue. The light was shot because of the storm clouds and it just didn’t look good in color. I manually did the conversion to monochrome and then adjusted sliders. I discovered that it looked better in high key so I used a tone curve adjustment. I added some contrast but the rest was done through dodging and burning. I really had to do a lot of work on the lighthouse to get it to stand out. The only masking I did was in the sky to get the grain out from the small sensor on the S100.


Bali Hai Lighthouse

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I enjoyed the many photo shots of the lighthouse in Thailand. The clouds, in this one looks threatening but I see a glimmer of sun on the water. It looks like a very peaceful spot. Know the cold weather is not the favorite to many of us but the Autumn in Maryland has given so much beauty with the changing of the leaves. We, humans always want what we do not have at the moment. I love nature and yes I would like to experience the Autumn colors. My photographer son sent me some very Autumn colored flowers for me to enjoy. I enjoy all no matter where he is.

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