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It’s Monday

I found this image while I was doing some catalogue moving and cleanup. I was moving my stuff to a new 8tb drive and was dumping memory cards to make sure I got everything and I saw the cat and figured why not. Would make a perfect Monday image.

The cat in question is from Thailand. Stray dogs and cats are very common. You get used to seeing them around. The cats seem to fare better than the dogs in regards to health but cats are far more stealthy than dogs so they stay off the streets and in their little hidey holes.

This cat was sunning itself on the wall of the parking garage. I was getting on my bike and saw the cat staring at me. Since it didn’t take off I assumed it was somewhat used to humans. I got my camera ready and took a few snaps. Jumped on my bike and then rode off. The cat never moved. I guess the sun was more important than me.

Nothing fancy here on the edit. The square crop seemed to fit it better and remove some extra stuff. I do admit to bumping the color in the eyes. The rest was dodging and burning to get the colors to pop in the fur and give some separation.


Cat sunning itself

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That is a nice way to start the week. I am going to presume “he” has a home because he looks good. I do not know how Thailand handles cats and dogs without owners. I do hope he has an owner and he was just hanging out enjoying the pretty day. I enjoyed!

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