Shadows On A Canal

Shadows On A Canal

I took this while walking along the C&O Canal. It’s a pleasant place to hike and photograph if you are into that. During the weekdays it’s not very crowded so you can get some good shots if you are inclined. The trail runs some absurd number of miles and starts in West Virginia and goes through Maryland then ends in Washington, DC.

The day I was hiking was fairly crowded but everyone was doing their own thing and I wasn’t the only photographer out there. Little tidbit is that off camera was a guy doing a sketch of the canal. So everyone was out enjoying the day however they liked.

I edited this on my Macbook while in Mexico. So working off a 13″ screen which I am getting used to. The new problem was my trackball died so I had to use the touchpad to do some of the edited. While I use a Wacom Tablet I still prefer a trackball to the pen. I use the pen for dodging and burning, masking and other bits.

Hopefully this looks good on a bigger screen.


Shadows on a canal.

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