Rocky Creek

Rocky Creek

I shot this at Brookside Gardens when I was there. I did a similar shoot on my first trip but I was still new with the Nikon D810. This time it came out slightly better.

I am not sure if you are technically allowed to be wandering in the creek like I was but no one said anything. There were two park employees planting up the path from me. Since we said a friendly hello I assumed it was fine.

One of the things about shooting in this type of environment with a tripod is getting the tripod to be stable while its legs could be on rocks, sand, or in the water. You just try and make a go out of it and see what you get.

The image is in HDR. It’s subtle because it’s there. It brought out a lot of the elements in the image that would have otherwise not been visible with a standard image. As always I tweak it once the conversion is finished. Then it’s just playing with it until I am happy.


Creek Bed


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