Arched Viewing

Arched Viewing

I was in Tijuana, Mexico last week. As always I eat at my usual spot Hotel Nelson on Santa Cecilia Square. Which just happens to be there the famous Tijuana Arch is located.

I always like eating there and people watching since it’s the main gateway to downtown Tijuana. You got mariachis in traditional outfits to just older guys with instruments walking up and asking if you want music for a tip. You see the Mexican families out for the day. You got vendors selling stuff. Chinese tour groups partaking “authentic” Mexican experience of a cheap Tequila shot and a Corona. The other day tourists coming in walking around with a dazed look that a city that is so close to the United States could be oh so subtly different.

I always take a wander around the plaza. Fending off offers for food and souvenirs of stuff I don’t need. If you aren’t used to it can be intimidating but it’s just the way it works there. You just give a polite no and a smile. They are just doing their job.

I took the two shots of the Arch on different days even though they look the same. The one with the sign that says Av. Revolucion is from the pathway into downtown. The other is from Plaza Santa Cecilia.

I am also throwing in a picture of the walkway through Plaza Santa Cecilia. I just like it and it’s not good enough for a standalone image.

All the images were shot on my Canon S100 and just processed in Lightroom and Photoshop. Nothing overly fancy as the files can’t hold up to a lot of abuse.


Tijuana ArchTijuana ArchPlaza Santa Cecilia

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  1. I like the photos. I had visited Tijuana in the 1980s. I remember lots of vendors. It was first trip out of the US. I was on business and it was just an afternoon visit. I was curious of the history of the Arch and of course Google always helps me out. The facts are interesting so I am sharing them. The Monumental Arch – Symbol of the modern Tijuana, this arch was dedicated in the year two thousand to welcome the second millennium and all the visitors. Since then, it has been a source of friendly debate between the citizens of the City. Saint Cecilia Square or Arguello Square, the photographer’s favorite spot to eat, is located on the oldest street of Tijuana. This is the only plaza on a transverse street from the original city grid. Today you may find stores and restaurants, as well as a Mariachi band at almost any hour of day or night. I enjoyed my trip through your photos.

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