The Dawn Tree

The Dawn Tree

I discovered that I do not live that far from Antietam National Battlefield in Maryland. It’s an American Civil War National Park. So I woke up at an unholy hour and drove the hour to get there to do some sunrise shots.

One of the things about battlefields having visited a view now is that they are flat. You need wide open spaces to maneuver your army back then. While there may be slight hills here and there you don’t have a lot of features and those that tend to standout.

The sun was rising and when I was getting out of my car I saw the tree and the sun. I quickly grabbed my gear and was walking and pulling out tripod legs as fast as I could. Once I got into position I started to take the pictures. I didn’t want to miss the light.

It’s obvious that this is a HDR image. I have started to shoot with it again just to get into practice and put Aurora 2017 through its paces. For once I did the mapping myself. One of the joys of HDR images is that you get halos around objects so it took a lot of work. Even still it’s not perfect. The once nice feature about Aurora 2017 is that you can export straight into Photoshop so it makes some of the image cleanup easier without having to save a file.


Dawn Tree

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  1. That is a breath taking photo! I had not heard of Antietam National Battlefield in Maryland and know I will not get to visit there but through the photographer’s eyes, I can enjoy. I am very partial to sun set skies but the dawn awakening leaves me speechless. Sad to think of how many lives were lost there during battle. The lone tree with much of its summer foliage gone enjoys the beauty of sunrise and the peacefulness of the setting sun. Photos this week have been most enjoyable. I have enjoyed the adventures your photos has taken me.

  2. Is that a bench under the tree or your bed you brought to nap on since you got up at an unholy hour? It is beautiful and worth the early rising.

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