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Flower Squares – Part Two

Here are the second half of the flowers I published yesterday. These were all taken in Portland, Oregon at the public Rose Garden. If it wasn’t for people I worked with wanting to get there I doubt I would have ever taken the photos.

There is a bit of a story behind editing these images. It almost didn’t happen. My hands were hurting from lugging around my tripod and Nikon D810 earlier in the day. While it’s not super cold, my tripod is aluminum so all that cold goes right into my hand. So when it came time to edit my hand was screaming in pain. While it only takes a few minutes per image by the time I was done doing 16 I was ready to call it quits.



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I do love flower power! Hate to see the flower photos go away but I know they will return. The colors of the roses are so very nice and I have a copy for my viewer. This has helped my week go much easier. There is so many breath taking views in this world but not enough of us stop long enough to take in that beautiful. At lest, we can see them through the photographer’s eyes with his Blog! I enjoyed!

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