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Streaking Down The River Of Light

This was taken while I was in Chicago. There are tour boats going up and the Chicago River doing tours that finish in Lake Michigan and then they return to their docks. Most are based at Michigan Avenue.

I shot this while I was walking towards Lake Michigan and I had 3 boats coming towards me. With it being night and the lens wide open it was still a 4 second exposure.

For editing I had to do a composite image. The first image with the boats the way I wanted them didn’t have the buildings in focus. The second image did. So a masked in the buildings from the second image. Then it was just some standard editing. Dodged the light reflections and a bit of the sky wheel. Then I masked in some preset from Intensify Pro and called it a day.



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I like the photo! The lights from the boats give the impression that the boats are really speeding. The gold tone to the water gives a textured look. The lights, the Wheel, the buildings present a very nice photo. It reflect a nice place to visit in Chicago. I enjoyed!

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