Clustered Together

This is another one from Chicago as I clear out the backlog I have. Soon it will be coming to an end as I have tons of new stuff I shot recently

If you are a regular you may have noticed the theme changed. I got tired of not having a search button so I tweaked the basic WordPress theme and just went with it.

The image is the Chicago skyline from Lake Michigan from the Navy Pier. I just liked how the buildings clustered together. You get a sense of balance from the sky and the water. I have this same image in landscape and it just didn’t work as well.

Editing I did a bunch of layers to get different effects. I masked in the buildings one way. The sky another and finally the water another. Each get’s it’s own treatment. The one thing I had to do was clean up the sky around the buildings because I put too much texture for lack of a better word and the pixels clipped. Never seen it before but it was easy enough to fix.


Chicago Skyline

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  1. Chicago’s tall cold looking buildings actually look good in the photographer’s photo. These structures shine with the help of the sun, clouds and the water. I enjoyed!