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Guiding Light

This is some lighthouse out on Lake Michigan in Chicago. The large sailing ship just happened to be going by at the time while I was shooting several frames. I have no idea of the names of either the ship or the lighthouse. I’m too lazy to look it up.

There was a lot of stuff in the frame so when it came time to edit I just went with the square crop. It puts the two prominent objects in frame and makes them the central focus of the image.

Editing wise I had to be careful because there is so much blue. It also wasn’t the sharpest image ever so I had to take that into account. So I just started to mask it bits here and there until I found something that worked. I had to tone down the blue because it was too unnaturally blue which may have been the real color but it didn’t work. Once I had that done it was time to remove the noise. The whole image had it so I could not just mask in the sky. So I did an unsharpen mask and then a sharpen mask to give it some texture back.


Lighthouse on Lake Michigan

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The Guiding Light photo one site the photographer found in the City of Chicago. I like history behind the photo. The Chicago harbor Light is visible from downtown Chicago or the Navy Pier. The existing light was built at the mouth of the Chicago River in 1893, which was the site of the previous lights. It was moved to its present location on the north breakwater in 1919. The beautiful Tall Ship, called, “Windy”, is located on Chicago‚Äôs Navy Pier. It brings exciting boat tours that are educational, creative and inspiring. In Chicago, the 148-foot four-masted topsail schooner, “Windy” offers six or more sailings a day with themes, including pirates, maritime history and fireworks. I have enjoyed seeing and knowing about the photo, The Guiding Light and have a copy for my viewer.

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