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Segmented Sky

This is one is from Chicago in Millennium Park. It was over an open field where people were set up watching Batman for a free movie night. Seemed rather popular as people were camped out enjoying the movie. You could bring you own food and buy food and drink if you wanted. I scored some Chicago Style pizza that night myself.

There is the “roof” of the amphitheater and I liked how the dusk sky was behind with the black bars silhouetted to give it some contrast. You get a bit of the sunset reflection on the lights that are attachedĀ to the rigging.

Not sure what I did editing wise to be honest. I know I played with the hue/saturation and I masked in some layer out of Intensify CK but after that not a whole lot done.


Segmented Sky

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That is a very pretty sky! Chicago’s amphitheater in Millennium Park showing a free movie where people can come together to enjoy a movie and a picnic type dinner. Very nice. Batman movie is for all ages. Sounds like a nice place to visit in Chicago! I enjoyed.

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