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Distant Sunset

I return to Florida even though I’m in Thailand at the moment for this image. I am amazed at how many images I got out of this one area just by changing the angle and moving around a bit. They are similar but always different.

Editing wise I did the usual routine then started to mask in bits. I wanted the sky and the dock/pier thing to pop but leave the water soft. It was too distracting so masked in a bit off of Intensify CK. I always add hue/saturation to my images like this and took it into Color Efex for a bump then did some color correction and a bit more contrast with Pro Contrast which is rather a brilliant tool. I don’t mask that bit in as it usually works for the whole image. Then into Noiseless Pro to remove the sky noise and done.

It always sounds like a lot of work but the biggest pain in waiting for the various tools to look the image which can be huge once you start masking stuff.



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The distant sunset is really nice. We had a great sunset tonight after a lot of heavy rain storms today. The sky was a beautiful shade of dark pink and blue. Also some really grey clouds were still passing through to the north. I have many photos on my display of gorgeous sunsets. I enjoyed.

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