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Casco Viejo Shores

I shot this from the old fort side of Casco Viejo. What seemed to be typical for my time there the clouds had gathered for the usual rain shower to come in the afternoon.

You can see a little bit of the real Casco Viejo and not the spruced up touristy interior that is usually sold. I like the place because it’s a funky mix of old and new. Panama is really trying to sell it as a tourist destination but if you look under the veneer you see some of the truth of what’s really there.

Editing wise it’s very simple. As I said earlier this week I am doing edits on a 13″ MacBook so things are a bit difficult. So no masks and other stuff. For once it’s mostly what the camera could produce.


Casco Viejo Shores

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I like the photo of old fort side of Casco Viejo. Panama seems like a great place to visit. Lots of history. The weather seems a bit iffy but no different than the rainy season in SW Florida. I enjoyed.

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