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People of Panama

Little departure from the landscape stuff I normally do. I will venture forth into street photography from time-to-time. I’m not a huge fan of doing it because I find it mildly invasive. I also despise having my own picture taken. So I tend not to photos of random people. In addition, I am not a fan of the posed shot unless I am shooting a portrait. I learned this in Thailand where if you ask for a shot odds are you are going to get a peace sign and a huge grin. Not authentic.

I shot these over a couple days. I used my Nikon D810 and my Sony RX100. It just happened to be what I had on me at the time. Some where take in the areas around the fish market and some were taken as I walked downtown. Just depended.

I mainly stuck to the 1×1 crop when I did the editing. This allowed me to focus on the individual. I also went monochrome where I thought it fit and left others in color. This series is longer than my normal but I have more stuff lined up for the week and I didn’t feel the need to split it into two.



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I enjoyed your photos. They were so diverse. Panama has a very modern look and a very poor look, like too many cities. Pictures, “say a thousand words”. I think these photos do. I do love the Gazebo. That brings in days gone by in small towns. The modern architecture is not my thing. I love the colored bus. Your photos gives us a glimpse of life in Panama for those who have not visited. I enjoyed.

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