Fort At Casco Viejo

Fort At Casco Viejo

I believe and forgive me if I am wrong that the portion to the right is the old fort at Casco Viejo, Panama. I really took the image because of the layering of color in it that I liked.

I’ll get to editing first. This was shot on a Nikon D810 with a 16-35mm lens. I did the usual adjustments and then started to add in various layers. I stayed away from a HDR mask and went with a normal one to bring out the sky and water textures. As is usual when there is a lot of information in the blue channel I had to mask in a bit to remove the noise from the image. Annoying but it smoothes things out. Still, there is always a bit of pixilation.

I am on travel the next 30 days. The first 8 days will be in Chicago and I will be shooting a lot there. Taking the Sony A7R along with my 15mm Voigtlander, 16-35 Sony FE, 24-240 Sony FE, and my 35 Oshiro to test out. I will also have my Sony RX100M3 and a couple smaller point and shoots.

From Chicago I go straight to Thailand. I have some ideas on what I want to shoot there. I am also going to attempt video for the first time. How much I do I don’t know but I have a couple of GoPro’s and various mounts and a gimbal for them. Will be fun to see what I come out with at the end.

Not sure how I will handle photos. I am sitting on a comfortable backlog and I do have a large monitor in storage in Thailand so I can edit on that versus my 13″ Macbook Pro screen. If you start seeing Thailand photos in the next 30 days assume I decided to edit.


Fort at Casco VIejo

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  1. I like the photo of Panama. The water looks fairly shallow. The building to the left or what is left of it, I can not recognize but am sure it is part of their history. The bridge that spans across we have seen in other photos of Panama which have been enjoyable. The colors are very nice. I have enjoyed and kept a copy.

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