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Liquid Gold

It’s Friday! Seems like it’s time for another sunset photo from Fort Myers, Florida. I have lots of them actually and I’m off to another destination in a few weeks that will have a few more.

I know I shot this on the Riverwalk in Fort Myers but I honestly have no idea exactly where. The sun was mostly down and I liked the way the other pier was into the water.

This is one of those photos that look nothing like what was captured in the camera. I can tell you the water was done in HDR but masked in a lower level. Then I added a hue/saturation to bump the colors up and give it a warmer feeling. Then I had to remove the noise from the sky to get it clean. There were a lot of layers and a lot of masking going on but I think it turned out pretty well.


Liquid Gold

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The colors are so perfect in Liquid Gold. I think the sky is so beautiful at sunset in Fort Myers. The photo has such depth in color. The water you can see the ripple of the waves. It is fitting for the end of the week. I have enjoyed and save a copy.

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