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Safe In The Harbor

I started last week off with a similar image from Panama City, Panama so I might as well start this week off again with a return to Panama. The other image primarily focused on the buildings on the right. This time I pointed the camera towards the harbor.

I knew this image was going to be monochrome. It just worked better as there was very little color to begin with. I think the monochrome conversion also helped to bring out the sky a bit more than leaving it in color would have.

I did the conversion using Nik’s Silver Efex which I haven’t used in a long time. Just to change it up. Once I┬áhad the conversion done it was time to make local adjustments with dodge and burn. Then ran the image through Noiseless Pro to remove some of the noise from the sky and masked that in. When I was happy I called it done.


PS – Need to thank Tool (the band) for being the music for this week’s edits. Going to see Maynard James Keenan in November when he’s doing his book tour.

Safe in The Harbor

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The weather looks so gloomy in Panama when you took the photo. I like color instead of black and white but with the cloudy day, it seems fitting.

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