Grey Skies Over Panama

I figured I start off with a suitably darker image since it’s Monday and the usual start of a work week. The sky is what I dealt with a lot while I was in Panama and I think it fits a Monday well.

Editing wise I did a bit of a departure from my normal routine. I had every intentions of making this a black and white image but it was too dark and there was very little separation in the tones. This meant a lot more dodging and burning then I was prepared to do with potentially limited returns. Still, I liked the sky that came with the black and white conversion.

It was then I made a choice and just did an opacity mask to get the effect out of the sky that I was looking for. I rarely use them but in this case it made perfect sense. Once I had the mask where I wanted it I still needed some dodging to get the hill to separate and a bit on the shoreline. Once I had that I called it done.


Grey Skies Over Panama


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  1. The Monday photo fits SW Florida’s day. It is very cloudy and raining on and off. This is what our days are supposed to be until Thursday. It is a very modern view of Panama. There is a bit of color with some of the buildings. I think I would really enjoy visiting Panama. Perhaps some sunshine tomorrow with some flower power to get the sun in SW Florida. I enjoyed.