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Framed Sunset

It’s Friday and the sun is setting on the week and the weekend begins. It’s why I saved this one until today.

This was shot while I was in Fort Myers, Florida near the river walk area that follows the Caloosahatchee River. The wood is for mooring boats but I have never seen one tied up there except in the marinas. Still, they worked great for framing the photo.

This image was not shot for HDR, I find I have better success with images by using one photo and then running it through Aurora HDR then masking it bits here or there. I know I ran a few filters through it to get the effects I wanted between the sky and the water. Then, as what seems to be the norm remove noise from the sky using Noiseless Pro because of the blue channel.


Sunset on Caloosahatchee River

1 reply on “Framed Sunset”

I never get enough of the setting sun. The beauty can not be created by man. From sun up throughout the day the sky changes so many times. It can appear cloudless, total storm clouds forming to wind clouds. If one had the day to watch the ever changing sky if would be a better performance than TV. I believe with all of the happenings from daylight to setting sun is why we get such beauty with the closing of the day. It is all wrapped up and presented to us for our pleasure. I enjoyed and I kept a copy. Very nice.

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