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Casco Viejo – Part 2

Here is the second part of the Casco Viejo series I shot while I was in Panama. I’ll stress again I didn’t want to go for the typical tourists shots. Anyone can shoot those. I wanted to show the real Casco Viejo that isn’t always pretty.

This set has some people in it. I guess I did a bit of street photography. Unlike the cliche’ street photography stuff I left it in color. I think some people do the conversion to black and white because all the legends of street photography did. Part of it has to do with them shooting film and black and white was cheaper to develop. The other part is that I think people feel the need to shoot in black and white to call it street photography. Good thing I ignore most stuff.


Casco Viejo, PanamaCasco Viejo, PanamaCasco Viejo, PanamaCasco Viejo, PanamaCasco Viejo, PanamaCasco Viejo, PanamaCasco Viejo, Panama

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I like the photos and am glad they are not in black and white. The photos speak volumes of condition of Casco Viejo. These properties have been renovated and the area is clean. I do not know who is renovating some of the area but all areas could be most beautiful if effort and of course money to restore them to their former beauty. I did enjoy the photos and have a copy for reviewing again.

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