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Tide Is Out

I like breaking up series with a nice landscape because it gives a break and you aren’t overwhelmed with the same subject matter repeatedly. While this image was shot in Casco Viejo you would never guess it just based on the view but you are always near the ocean when you are in Panama.

When I took this image I just really liked how the colors separated into nice little bands. You go from the dark reds to the various shades of blue and the causeway breaks things up nicely.

There was a lot of layer masking going on in this one. I really wanted that sand to pop so I made it so. With the blue channel stuff I had to remove the noise from it. So masked in that bit. Then bumped up the details and called it a day.


Low tide at Casco Viejo

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I like your photo of Casco Viejo. There is so much beauty starting with the sky and the clouds rolling along. They are on the move and it is nice to sit and watch the show. The long bridge crossing the body of water looks like a very interesting bridge. The water looks shallow. I presume the tides go in and out on this body of water. The sandy shore seems to have some shells left behind by the water rushing in and out. It is nice to sit and enjoy the day going by. I kept a copy. I enjoyed!

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