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Casco Viejo – Part 1

I will be breaking this up into at least 3 parts and likely 4 based on the 2 days I spent shooting in Casco Viejo in Panama. I really wanted to show Casco Viejo without the picturesque, tourist only images.

Casco Viejo is old Panama, City and it’s an interesting mix of upscale restaurants and bars mixed in with lower and income apartments.┬áThere are lots of government offices in the area as well. There is a heavy police and military presence. It’s a weird little area and I really liked spending time there.

Nothing fancy with the edits. While not straight out of the camera they were not masked in like I do my landscape stuff. For inquiring minds, all shot in my Nikon D810 with the 16-35mm.




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I enjoyed your photos of Casco Viejo in old Panama, City. All cities have blighted areas. The old structures, some with very pretty architecture, barely are inhabitable but no one wants to make repairs to them. The poor that occupy them can not afford to do repairs and live with what they have. All cities have them not just Casco Viejo. I enjoyed your photos.

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