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Sky Afire

This photograph was the unintentional consequence of going to shoot something else and looking up and seeing the sky. The evening I shot it the sky was weird all over the Washington DC area with clouds and the Sun making for some interesting views.

I was actually out shooting landscape stuff in the later evening. The place I was shooting would be darkened in shadow before the Sun set so I ventured out at 7 PM. I was moving from location to location setting up my tripod for the shots when I looked up and saw the clouds with the house on the cliff and thought I have to take a picture!

Editing wise, yeah I masked in bits because the camera could never fully capture what the sky was doing. I had to bring the cliff and house up from the shadows because I expose to the right and the Sony A7R lets me get away with recovering shadows nicely. Then I started to mask in some bits to bring the sky out. Final part was a hue/saturation to bring that little bit more out.



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I really like the photo of Washington’s night sky. It does look like there is a fire going on with the sun and the clouds. I really like the setting sun presentation in the evening. I kept this one. I enjoyed.

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