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Iglesia del Carmen

The real name is Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen, or The Church of our Lady of Carmen, supposedly Mount Carmen but no idea. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary. All I really know is that the place was constantly full of people. Every time I tried to get a shot at night it would rain on me and the one day I set aside for shooting it was a children’s day there. So this is my best shot.

I shot this off the pool deck of the hotel I was staying at. I had to hold the camera above the glass enclosing the deck and just hope for the best. I got fairly lucky with it so I’m not going to argue. While I love the detail the Nikon D810 brings to the table a flip screen would be a welcome addition to it.

Editing wise I went fairly basic. I did want to bring out a bit more of the details so I masked in a layer. Then I had to do some color correction because the greens went a bit nuclear and I wanted to the yellows to pop. Once I was happy called it done.



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I love the photo. The church of Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen is a beautiful Gothic design Catholic Church. I went online to gather more facts. They advised visiting the church when masses were going on and enjoy the beautiful architecture. The church is most beautiful. If you visit again, come as the mass is concluded and take some beautiful photos of the inside of the church. I enjoyed.

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