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Red Sky At Night

This is another one from Fort Myers. You can see the sunsets are rather spectacular there provided you don’t mind dealing with the heat and humidity. The heat and humidity are the reasons I have so many sunset and night shots because it was too hot to move during the day and it would either fry you or your camera first because it’s so hot. I had heat spots on the sensor from the one day I shot during the day.

When I edited this it was all about the sun and the colors in the sky. So I brought it into Aurora HDR and selected some preset. I tend to go for an overall look and not really worry about over saturation or whatever. I’m going to mask it in and change the opacity anyways depending on what I want. So once I had that back to Photoshop to mask in the various bits. Once happy, smack sharpen and hit save.



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I love the evening sky in SW Florida! The days are hot and humid but you learn quickly how long you can garden outside in the day before jumping into the pool. I would rather have the heat than the snow and ice anymore. The blazing sky at night just tells all, it will be hot again tomorrow before sundown. I enjoyed/

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