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Hawthorne Bridge

I love having lots of stuff to work on in my catalogue. It keeps me from getting bored with one specific area or thing. While I haven’t been to Portland, Oregon since May I still have stuff I shot and never edited it.

This is the Hawthorne Bridge in Portland, Oregon. I know this because I looked it up. Otherwise I would not have had a clue. This was right outside my hotel so it’s one of the first images I took when I was in Portland. It was shot around dawn and the sun never really rose because the weather was rainy most of the time and those times that it wasn’t I could not shoot.

Editing wise I went back to masking in bits here and there. I always do my initial edits in Lightroom which includes various gradients. Then it’s into Photoshop to add contrast and do local dodging and burning. After that I then started to add in filters┬ávia MacPhun’s Intensify CK. I really liked how it made the sky pop along with the river. Once I had that I then masked in the bits I wanted and called it done.


Hawthorne Bridge

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I like the photo of Hawthorne Bridge in Portland, Oregon. That is a very impressive draw bridge. I like the way the lights on the bridge reflect on the water. The sky, just does not want to wake up. You can see the sky trying to get the sun to shine but think the clouds won let it. I enjoyed.

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