Distant Early Storm

This one is from Panama, specifically Casco Viejo and I was shooting towards the city. This was pretty much the weather most days I was there but I came to shoot so I did!

I used my 16-35mm and did a handheld shot. One of the things I noticed I did with the Nikon more was used it without a the tripod. The image stabilization in the lenses made me more comfortable with that versus my Sony A7R which does not have any stabilization. The one thing I terribly missed on the Nikon D810 was a flip up screen. This is one reason I did so many handheld shots. For me to get them I had to often hold the camera.

Editing, just straight up curves adjustment and then dodging and burning. Nothing fancy. The dramatic sky and water make the image.


Distant Early Storm

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  1. The skies look ready to put forth some showers. Not a day for shooting photos. Viewing your photos from Panama, I know I would enjoy visiting.

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