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Panama Pride

I am back from a week in Panama where I did a lot of photography. One of the issues I faced was the weather. It’s the rainy season this time of year so I had a lot of flat grey light to work with. On top of that, you could figure out it was going to rain every afternoon around 1 or 1:30 which also coincided with the humidity making it so hot that you didn’t want to be outside.

I rented a Nikon 28-300 from and I’m happy I did. After about a day and a half of shooting I realized it wasn’t going to work for me. There is nothing wrong with the lens, its just slow to focus and wasn’t adding much that my 24-105 wasn’t going to do since I rarely went much longer. So it was relegated to my bag and then happily returned. The beauty of the rental was that I didn’t buy it to find out I was was going to hate it and collect dust.

For the image itself I did use the full 300mm to get this shot. The flag is the Panamanian flag and the buildings behind it are Casco Viejo.

I didn’t do a lot to this image. The 28-300mm isn’t the world’s sharpest even stopped down so starting to put in layer masks which isn’t lossless means I lose sharpness. So it was a simple curves layer and some dodging and burning. The goal was to make the flag stand out and I think I did.



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That is a very pretty photo of Panama. The Panamanian flag and the buildings behind it, Casco Viejo. I like the architecture of the tallest structure. The rain in the afternoon is like SW Florida. I did enjoy your photo.

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