Flying High Again – Part 1

Flying High Again – Part 1

This series was shot on my return from Fort Myers to Washington DC. I had upgraded my ticket to a Premium Seat for extra leg room. I’m not tall at all but I like boarding early so I make sure my camera bag get into the overhead. It’s worth it to know my gear is safe.

With my upgrade I lucked out and had a whole row to myself! I’m normally an aisle type of guy as I like to get up and stretch on flights but I’ll gladly look out the window when I get the chance. So I quickly reached up and grabbed my Sony RX100M3 and prepared to shoot out the window during the flight.

One of the joys of shooting out an airplane window is that you get shifting light at the plane moves through cloud layers and banks. You also get the joy of shooting through thick glass that usually has someone’s fingerprints or head imprint on it. You can mitigate the imprints with a quick wipe off with your sleeve. Then I should mention the plane doing something like 500+ miles an hour or whatever it is. So you are dealing with constant motion.

With this set I focused on clouds. So they aren’t in sequential order or anything. The next set will focus on the ground. Editing clouds is a bit of a pain in the ass to be blunt. You gotta be extremely careful you don’t blow out the highlights and you still want to put some contrast in to give separation. It’s a fine line and I’m sure I stepped over in a few images. I will say that dehaze and clarity are your friends when you do plane photos. Just don’t abuse them.


PS – Double bonus points if you get the Ozzy reference. Not sure if he was singing about clouds.

DSC06099_ICFlying High AgainFlying High AgainFlying High AgainFlying High AgainFlying High AgainFlying High AgainFlying High AgainFlying High AgainFlying High Again

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  1. I love the clouds! I love when you fly, you are in the thick of the clouds and they look like snow! There are many different shapes and they pass the time while in flight. I enjoyed!

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