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Piering Into the View

This is another one from Fort Myers, Florida and shot on the¬†Caloosahatchee River. People seem to like the photos of the sunsets so I went with another. I really wanted to do a few more series this week but my schedule just hasn’t allowed me to to sit and edit for the extended amount of time that a couple of them will required. So sunsets it is!

The usual layering and masking applies when I do a landscape shot like this. I really like just masking in bits of HDR stuff without making it overblown. I like doing HDR stuff but sometimes it can be a bit too much so if you take the subtle route you can get what you want to enhance a photo instead of distract. So once I was happy with all the various layer masks, HDR and non-HDR I said done and was happy!


Piering Into the View

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The setting sun over the Caloosahatchee River, is the perfect ending of the day. SW Florida has some beautiful sunsets. The 4th of July, while waiting for the fire works to start, we had a beautiful rainbow. It had showered off and on all day. The other fireworks, the lighting in the sky. It was fierce. Never heard thunder but the lightening was striking across the sky. A very pretty closing of the very hot day. I enjoyed and saved the photo.

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