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Reflecting On The View

This is another one of those Fort Myers, Florida sunsets that I captured (I got a lot of them). I was on the River Walk and I saw the puddle left over from the frequent storms and saw the reflection along with everyone sitting there and enjoying the sunset so I figured why not take a picture. Think it worked out.

Editing wise I didn’t go over on the filters and masks I applied to the image. Once I had the base done in Lightroom it was time to move to Photoshop. I applied the curves adjustment and started to dodge and burn to my liking.¬†Of course, with the new upgrade to Photoshop I didn’t have any of my filters so it was save the file, then copy my filters then open it back up. Once I had filters again I did apply a slight HDR effect to the sidewalk area and masked that in. Then I worked on the sky to bring it out a bit more. Then it was a hue/saturation mask to give it some color and warmth.



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I love the photo. We have such nice places to enjoy the beauty of the closing of a busy day. SW Florida’s summers are long and very hot and humid. It is rainy season and the humidity is overwhelming at times but after the heat of the day, a chance to sit and relax and just watch the day close down is nice! What could be better than sitting by the river, watching the sun creating reflections in the puddle, before it say good night. I have a copy to enjoy later. I enjoyed!

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