Drops On The Water

I was planning on doing sets this week but my body reminded me I am old and staying up late to attend a concert means I’m rather useless the next day so no editing. Good thing I worked a bit ahead!

I took this when I did the storm photo. Where the Sony A7R had the filter on the lens, I just used my phone to take the picture. I have mentioned before I like the Nexus 6P as a decent photo tool when I need it and I think the image came out very nice here. Plus I had a DNG to work with so I had some latitude to play with.

I did the conversion to monochrome in Lightroom. I did add some gradients to bring out the water a bit more through dehaze and clarity. Once I was happy brought it into Photoshop very slight curves adjustment and that was about it. I did spend some quality time removing the water drops that were on the phone that showed up in the photo. Double bonus points if you find them. If I missed any it was intentional!


Drops On The Water