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Down The Lighted Path

This is the actual Fort Myers River Walk (least what I call it). It runs from basically one yacht club to another. I have walked the entire distance and I am not sure how long it is but it’s not a bad walk. Of course I was stopping to take pictures often but there were lots of people out strolling the path even later into the evening when I was heading back to pack up my gear for the night.

I am in mid-week slump mode from returning from 8 days of vacation to going back into work. I have also been recently putting a lot of masks into my images. I’m rather tired so I went for simple this time as the image works well leaving it alone. It’s all about the path and the lights. So nothing fancy. Just a tone curves adjustment and a bit of a dodge and burn. I did throw in a hue/saturation mask to bring out the blues a bit more to give it a cooler evening feel. It was about 10 minutes total and I’m happy.



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Your photo is very nice. I know where you took the photo and every inch of the area is picture perfect. The blue sky of late evening is nice. The large lights give the pathway a stately look. I remember these lights when I was a child. I think they really blend well with the surroundings along the water front. I enjoyed!

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