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Something Missing At Sunset

This is a pier looking thing on the Caloosahatchee River near a restaurant. I wanted to get closer to it but there were warning tape on the walkway and an angry looking guy smoking a cigarette guarding the path. So I set up as near as possible without violating the same. I have no idea what happened to the pier thing but it’s clearly missing some parts and is loaded with warning tape.

While the structure serves as a visual anchor in the image it’s all about the colors in the sky and water. As usual I may have enhanced everything a wee bit! The water got one mask applied and the sky another. I really wanted the texture in the clouds and water to come out. Since Florida is always “hot” I have been applying a warmer hue/saturation adjustment to the photos to give it that feel.


Something Missing At Sunset

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I like the photo. With the summer heat, really spring/summer/early fall; the heat is an invitation to hit the water. The Caloosahatchee and the Gulf beaches are very inviting with that hot sun. The skies are very high and without clouds most of the time. The rainy season is afternoon showers or thundershowers and then the humidity is twice as bad even if it has lowered the temperature. I enjoyed!

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