Vertical Rising

I had a tip on a park located about 30 minutes away from where I was staying in Fort Myers. The park was called Lakes Regional Park so I headed there around sunset so I could get some evening shots over the lake. One of the problems is that the West view was blocked by trees and housing so I was a bit late for the really good sunset photos but I made do and ended up shooting for a couple of hours at the park.

I took this photo in both landscape and portrait just to see which way would work better. The vertical allowed me to capture the clouds like I wanted to so I edited that version.

The image is all about the clouds. So I made sure to run a filter through it and brought out the details. Then masked that bit in. Then another filter for the water and boat to bring out the sun reflection on it. Finally a hue/saturation and sharpening and called it done.


Vertical Rising