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Sunset In Southwest Florida

This is the riverfront in Fort Myers, Florida. I had just parked the car and was walking towards the river walk to get some shots and just saw the trees in silhouette with the sun in the background and the person walking along. Since I was already setup on the tripod I just took the shot.

Honestly not a lot of editing going on here. I just did the image in low key. Then threw in a hue/saturation adjustment. Just a bit of sharpening and called it done. Love it when an image comes in almost perfect from the camera.


Sunset In Southwest Florida

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I like the photo. I am not a big fan of Palm Trees. They are needy trees to keep looking good. I must admit the trees with that beautiful sun set really makes SW Florida really inviting. There is a lot to like in SW Florida if you like tropical weather pretty much all year long. Great beaches to swim, boat, fish or just tan. Can not wait until the photographer returns to take more beautiful photos of SW Florida!

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