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Sunset On The Caloosahatchee

This was shot at some little park on the Caloosahatchee River. It’s usually crowded with people enjoying the river and the park. Luckily the shore wasn’t being fished so I setup my tripod and took a few shots of the sun setting in the distance.

I used my 15mm Voigtlander to get this shot. I really wanted the covered pier on the right to be in the frame. I also wanted to capture both shores because the sun reflecting on the buildings on the left to be included. That’s where the 15mm lens comes in handy.

I did the usual curves and dodge/burn adjustments for local light. Then it was time to mask in various bits that I wanted. The sky got one mask and the shore another. I knew I wanted to keep the image warmer so I added another mask in for hue and saturation along with a bit of polarization.



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I do love the photos of the sky. The park is simply North Fort Myers Park. Lot of people come and sit and watch the birds and the tranquility of the water. Some fish and others wade in the water a bit. They do hold class there in sailing. Some evening it is very full of small sail boats from the boating school at the river. I enjoyed.

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