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Twinkle The Stars

This is the Route 41 bridge that leads to North Fort Myers and crosses the Caloosahatchee River. I suspect it has a name but I have no idea what it is. I again down on the waterfront taking night shots and doing my thing when I looked up and saw the bridge and the other “star” which is actually the Moon. I had my 15mm Voigtlander on the camera so pointed the tripod up and took the picture.

I shot this at F4.5 with a 13 second exposure. The good thing about the Voigtlander I bought for the Sony is that it’s chipped so it passes the EXIF data to the camera so I know what I shot the image at.

Process was pretty straight forward. Went ahead and added contrast using a curve adjustment. Once I had that did some localized dodging and burning and then the layer masking started. I did a quick mask in Aurora HDR, mostly for the sky. Then I masked in some bits from Intensify CK for the bridge and water. The yellow off the sodium lights on the shore was a bit much so a quick hue and saturation adjustment. Masked that in just in that area to not mess with the other parts I liked.


Twinkle the Stars


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I like the photo. I like all of the glitter of the lights and the moon. The Caloosahatchee Bridge (also locally known as the Hancock Bridge, or the US 41 Bridge) was built in 1962 but did not come in use until 1964. It is the bridge I use to enter Fort Myers. It is a focus point onto several different roads from this bridge. I enjoyed the photo. I have a copy for my photos.

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