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3 Friends In The Evening

Hello from Fort Myers, Florida where I am based for the next week. A couple days ago was the first time I got out to shoot. My first shoot was interrupted by a torrential downpour which is common in Florida this time of the year. My second shoot that evening perfect. The biggest for the night shoot was mosquitoes using my body as an all you can eat buffet. Oh, and the occasional heat lightening while carrying a tripod!

Wandered into History Fort Myers area along the Caloosahatchee River where I have shot before. This time I ventured further down the river. Where I parked I saw this fountain and the sunset and was like hell yes! Luckily I had my camera mounted on the tripod so it was a quick setup. Unluckily the lens fogged up because of going from aircon to 7000% humidity. So used my lens cloth to defog it a few times.

The fountain is called Uncommon Friends and it depicts Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Harvey Firestone. They were the 3 famous winter residents down here. I wonder if the locals complained about traffic from the snowbirds showing up in the warmer climes like they do now?

I went lower key in this image. I will let your imagination fill in the details about the fountain. I really wanted that sky to pop and lower key will bring in more contrast. Once I had contrast where I wanted I did some dodging of the figures and then started adding layer masks. First it was into Aurora HDR to give it a bit more oomph and then in Intensify CK for a bit more pop. Once I masked in the layers, a bit more sharpening and called it done.


3 Friends at Sunset

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Very nice photo! I have not seen the fountain called the uncommon friends. It is not far from where I live. Every part of the photo is perfect. The sky is magnificent. The weather this time of the year is called our wet season. It has been hot and rainy. It feels like 107 degrees per the weather man. You get use to it. Snow birds, they are good for the economy but they truly jam the traffic but I too was a snow bird at one time. I enjoyed the photo!

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