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Stormy Skies Over the Willamette River

This is another from Portland, Oregon. I used my 15mm Voigtlander that I got for my Sony A7R that now comes in a native FE mount so no adapter. This is the widest lens I ever owned and I really like the way it keeps distortion to a minimum. The newest Lightroom update even has a lens profile for it.

I ┬ádid this one in HDR because it’s about the sky. It’s just cool looking the way it swirls over the bridge and river. I forget where I started in my “base” HDR conversion in Aurora HDR but I started stacking layers and masking various bits in here and there. I really wanted the river smooth like it was a longer exposure than what it was. So I started with that. Then came the sky which required some noise removal. Then I masked in some bits on the bridge. Once I was happy it was time for Photoshop. Another layer mask to get rid rid of the sky noise. I finally ended with a chromatic adjustment layer because once I loaded that many filters on things got a bit funky.


Stormy Skies

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The sky looks angry. Our skies in SW Florida are the same. The hurricane left us with much rain and the flooding is harsh. I know it will help our plants and our veggies to grow. Those moving clouds mean business whether you are in Portland or SW Florida. The photo fits my morning. I enjoyed!

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