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Washed Ashore

I saw these logs when I took a path down towards the Willamette River in Portland. No idea how high the river gets but assume these were logs and stuff were washed ashore when the river was high from rain.

I shot these with my Olympus TG-4 since it was far more maneuverable than my Sony A7R that was mounted on a tripod. I could climb on the rocks to get to the angles I was looking for instead of trying to lug the bigger camera.

I knew when I took these images they were going to be in monochrome or some form of it. I just think it really brings out the texture of the wood when you do it. I used a filter in Tonality CK and then bumped up the structure to bring a bit more out of the wood. Slight dodge and burn and all was good to go.


Washed AshoreWashed AshoreWashed Ashore

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The photos were interesting. It amazes me what happens to a tree. Trees give us a lot in our world. These tree pieces, someone decided to write on it as if it were a tablet, what was bothering them. The long tree has the looks of pieces of wood you would use to build something and part of it looks much like the tree we see on the streets where we live. The middle photo looks like roots that were pulled. All photos are something to give thought. I enjoyed.

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