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Portland Flowers

Not feeling much like editing from a lot of things coming at me I go with the one thing I can edit in my sleep, flowers. So I present just some of the images I shot of flowers while I was in Portland. These were taken while we were waiting for a table at the restaurant called Pok Pok in Portland. They had a cool system where they just send a text to your phone when your table is ready. So the group I was with took a wander and we all stopped and took pictures of this yard that was overflowing with flowers.

Not much going on editing wise. They are flowers. Simple contrast adjustment using a tone curve, a wee bit of a dodge and burn then calling it down. Gotta love flowers for keeping the editing simple!



1 reply on “Portland Flowers”

Wow you made my day with those wonderful Portland flowers. I am glad you were tired and had to do flowers. You will have to do more tired so we get more flowers. I do love the colors. The purple is just so majestic. The rose, is one I do not have an is very pretty. The fuchsia is also very nice. I probably know these flowers but won’t commit unless I am sure to their kind. I saved for my enjoyment later.

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