Reflecting On The View

This is another one of those Fort Myers, Florida sunsets that I captured (I got a lot of them). I was on the River Walk and I saw the puddle left over from the frequent storms and saw the reflection along with everyone sitting there and enjoying the sunset so I figured why not take a picture. Think it worked out.

Editing wise I didn’t go over on the filters and masks I applied to the image. Once I had the base done in Lightroom it was time to move to Photoshop. I applied the curves adjustment and started to dodge and burn to my liking. Of course, with the new upgrade to Photoshop I didn’t have any of my filters so it was save the file, then copy my filters then open it back up. Once I had filters again I did apply a slight HDR effect to the sidewalk area and masked that in. Then I worked on the sky to bring it out a bit more. Then it was a hue/saturation mask to give it some color and warmth.



Abstract Flora

This set will be a bit more abstract than normal because it’s all about light and shadow. I actually shot this while walking to the little convenience store near my Mom’s house. I took my Sony RX100M3 out with me and just took a bunch of images while walking to and back. I knew what I wanted out of the images when I took them.

Editing wise I went for a mix of monochrome or color based on how the image felt to me. Some looked better in color and others did not. It’s all about the light play in them. When I added the tone curves I tended to crush the blacks to highlight the light effects. Otherwise not much going on editing wise.


DSC05985_ICDSC05994_ICDSC05998_ICDSC06006_ICDSC06019_ICDSC06025_ICAbstract Flora

Drops On The Water

I was planning on doing sets this week but my body reminded me I am old and staying up late to attend a concert means I’m rather useless the next day so no editing. Good thing I worked a bit ahead!

I took this when I did the storm photo. Where the Sony A7R had the filter on the lens, I just used my phone to take the picture. I have mentioned before I like the Nexus 6P as a decent photo tool when I need it and I think the image came out very nice here. Plus I had a DNG to work with so I had some latitude to play with.

I did the conversion to monochrome in Lightroom. I did add some gradients to bring out the water a bit more through dehaze and clarity. Once I was happy brought it into Photoshop very slight curves adjustment and that was about it. I did spend some quality time removing the water drops that were on the phone that showed up in the photo. Double bonus points if you find them. If I missed any it was intentional!


Drops On The Water

DCA to RSW and Back

I always take airport photos. It helps pass the time when you are bored waiting for your flight. So I shot this series over days I was flying to Fort Myers, Florida and when I returned home to Washington, DC.

I used my Nexus 6P and the Camera FV-5 app which allows me to shoot in raw. This gives me a bit more latitude with the images than I otherwise would have out of a phone shooting straight jpeg. I still don’t push the images that much just because if you do they start to fall apart because the sensor in the phone isn’t going to capture everything a larger sensor can.


Whither the Storm

While I don’t always do it Sunday is the weirder stuff I will have shot and edited. I’m not sure how this image will go over because its rather bleak but I did like it. I shot this off a pier on the Caloosahatchee River with a 10 stop neutral density filter on the camera. It was the first time I was using square glass filters versus a circular one.

The storm had come in unexpectedly (not really in Florida) so I was just waiting it out in the enclosed little area on the pier. I was bored so I was taking pictures in between wiping water off the filter that blew in. What I discovered when I returned from that shoot and dumped the images was I didn’t have the camera locked in tight enough on the tripod so all my images had blur from camera shake from the shutter. Trust me, if you never used a A7R the sound like tanks even without a mirror and it sends some serious vibrations through the camera. In addition I found that if I didn’t mount the filter right I was getting weird light streaks in the images as well. So it was good I did a test.

This image was one of the few that turned out form that set. Not sure if I had my hand on the tripod or whatever. When I edited it I knew it was going to be bleak looking. While I did play with the image the visibility wasn’t great because the storm rolled in and the rain was pissing down and the wind was whipping. So I wanted to convey that and I think the monochrome fits the mood. The conversion was done in Lightroom and then I just burned bits to get some separation.



Summer Blossoms

Not feeling in the mood to edit a landscape I went ahead and fell back to something I can edit in my sleep and without a lot of thought – flowers. I shot these while walking to work and figured I might as well edit them. I am going to do a few series in the upcoming days and I might as well get used to multiple edits, not the flowers require a whole lot of time or effort from me.

For inquiring minds all these were shot on my Canon S100. I really like using a compact for flower photos because you are far more agile with the smaller camera than a DSLR. You can easily put the camera where you want it without a lens hanging off it.

One of the little tricks I have learned with a compact is just put the camera in P mode and let it do its own thing. You get far better pictures out of it because the camera has been programed as a point-and-shoot. The only time you need to override it is when you know the camera isn’t reading the light conditions correctly.

Not much editing wise. A lot of these are straight out of the camera with a bit of sharpening thrown in for fun.


IMG_0987_ICIMG_0990_ICIMG_0993_IC IMG_0995_IC IMG_1000_IC IMG_1005_IC

The Blue Channel

I return to Matlacha, Florida for the image today. I shot this while walking down the main road through Matlacha and just saw the cool blue channel leading out into the Gulf of Mexico.

Nothing special editing again. Still trying to get out of vacation mode and editing anything complex isn’t worth it right now because I’ll obsess over it and then never save it. Easier to stick to simple edits that work and then go from there. So as always a tone curves adjustment and dodge and burn. Then just did a hue/saturation adjustment to make the blues more blue since the Sony A7R loves to shift towards aqua. Then brought down the greens from nuclear to normal. Quick sharpening pass and done!



Down The Lighted Path

This is the actual Fort Myers River Walk (least what I call it). It runs from basically one yacht club to another. I have walked the entire distance and I am not sure how long it is but it’s not a bad walk. Of course I was stopping to take pictures often but there were lots of people out strolling the path even later into the evening when I was heading back to pack up my gear for the night.

I am in mid-week slump mode from returning from 8 days of vacation to going back into work. I have also been recently putting a lot of masks into my images. I’m rather tired so I went for simple this time as the image works well leaving it alone. It’s all about the path and the lights. So nothing fancy. Just a tone curves adjustment and a bit of a dodge and burn. I did throw in a hue/saturation mask to bring out the blues a bit more to give it a cooler evening feel. It was about 10 minutes total and I’m happy.



Something Missing At Sunset

This is a pier looking thing on the Caloosahatchee River near a restaurant. I wanted to get closer to it but there were warning tape on the walkway and an angry looking guy smoking a cigarette guarding the path. So I set up as near as possible without violating the same. I have no idea what happened to the pier thing but it’s clearly missing some parts and is loaded with warning tape.

While the structure serves as a visual anchor in the image it’s all about the colors in the sky and water. As usual I may have enhanced everything a wee bit! The water got one mask applied and the sky another. I really wanted the texture in the clouds and water to come out. Since Florida is always “hot” I have been applying a warmer hue/saturation adjustment to the photos to give it that feel.


Something Missing At Sunset

Into The Blue Unknown

This image is another one from Matlacha, Florida where I did my only daytime photography. The outside temperatures were just too hot to do anything until it cooled off in the evening with the sun starting to set.

I titled this Into the Blue Unknown and it’s all about the clouds which seem common in this part of Florida. As for the unknown portion it’s really the Gulf of Mexico. So it’s not unknown at all. Just sounds more mysterious when you say it’s unknown.

Not much going on here editing wise. I brought out the details in the clouds. Little trick if you want to give your clouds some depth is to dodge the highlights and burn the shadows. Just be careful and go with a light pass and you will give a bit of depth to them. I then smoothed out the water a bit and called it done.


Into The Blue Unknown